These machines are generally used before grinding station since they allow to dose the necessary quantity of water for the cereal to soften and make its peel more elastic.

Half-automatic cereal damping system

Half-automatic system with manual adjusting of the water quantity.

Sistema di bagnatura cereale semiautomatico

Half automatic cereal damping system with dipped screw

The cereal, slowed down by the braking case, invests the leafed valve and it enters the screw. Thanks to the valve, the magnetic switch closes the electric valves circuit, allowing to water and to compressed air to flow into the pulveriser.

The cereal is conveyed by the screw and during the advancement the water distributes itself homogeneously on the grain external part.The water quantity is regulated by a feed, screw and reading of past volume is indicated at the inside of the graded pipe of the flow measurer.

The air pressure is adjustable by means of a pressure reducer and the pulveriser has a regulator to indicate the degree of pulverisation.Once finished the cereal flow, the leafed valve returns to rest and its microswitch determines the closing of the solenoid valve by interrupting the water flow.

Sistema di bagnatura cereale semiautomatico con coclea a bagno 

Automatic cereal damping system with capacity measurer

Automatic system with capacity and humidity measurer on dry cereal with introduction of water according to established humidity.

Sistema di bagnatura cereale automatico con misuratore di portata