The rotary air locks, conceived according to the criterion of the utmost universality of application, they are used to feed and discharge the dusty or granular products from silos, hoppers, pneumatic transport plants, sleeve filters and cyclones.

They are avalaible in 4 different models:

  • Mod. LV1 1,0L/rev.
  • Mod. LV2 2,0L/rev.
  • Mod. LV3 3,0L/rev.
  • Mod. LV4 5,0L/rev.

At the inside of the framework a rotor tours. It is divided into various parts (cellules). The product by entering in the superior part is distributed in each cellule and discharged from the lower cellule. The passage from inlet to outlet is airtight thanks to the precise constructive coupling cellule-framework.

Valvole stellari mod L.V.