These lines are employed to convey granular and milling products for remarkable distances. They assure :

  • Easiness of installation;
  • Reduction of encumbrance;
  • Low costs of installation and keep-up;
  • More hygiene;
  • Very good ventilation of conveyed product;
  • Reduction of fire danger.
Linee in pressione o in aspirazione

Conveyance can be realised :

  • IN ASPIRATION: when it is produced a depression with air current in a circuit. The used pressure of air varies from a source is caught by pneumatic transport. It is constructed to help the blender air-product and, after having passed through the supporting pipes, the product is conveyed to the decanter-cyclones where the separation is produced thanks to centrifugation.
    The product falls in the above placed pipes through the rotary air locks. On the contrary the air flows through the collector to the filter to recuperate the lightest dust which were not separated by the cyclones. The cleaned air is inhaled from the filter by means of a conveyor ventilator and so it is expunged at the outside.
  • IN PRESSURE: Transport in pressure it is produced when the air current pushes the product from the point of departure to the point of arrival. The air generator is composed by a pump with lobes which works in pressure and it inhales the air by means of diffuser filter. The product to convey is immediately pushed by means of a rotating valve.
    The air gets out the silo purified since there is a filter at the outlet. Normally this kind of transport is used for remarkable distance.