Modular milling plant to grind cereals, realised by combining three modulus. Our best solutions are made by combining:

  • ML4P + 2x ML2P: in this way we have height passages cap. 1700Kg/h
  • 3xML2P: in this way we have six passages cap. 1400Kg/h

This kind of plant can be supplied with purifier to extract semolina and durum wheat flour, the plant is called MDTL3a. Very good quality products are assured, yield 75%.

It is composed by a first cleaning section, resting bins, second cleaning section, grinding block composed by 3 modulus with three 600×220 rollers mill and a double purifier to obtain semolina reduction with yield from 77% to 78% (of which 3%-5% semolina) ashes not superior to 0,85%

Milling plant, eight passages with the first roller mill with six rolls, two 4 rolls rollers mill and two purifiers sold to Minoterie Sanabil El-Baraka in Marrakesh. It produces flours and semolina for cous-cous from durum wheat and barley. Capacity 40T/24h.